Thursday, May 31, 2012

Antique Ivory Sales Banned in California, Consignments Seized

Recent raids by the California Department of Fish and Game over the sale of ivory in California is causing confusion for would-be sellers of all sorts of antique objects and works of art.

Take a look at the link below:

Maine Antique Digest - Antique Ivory Sales Banned in California, Consignments Seized


  1. In a conversation with a law enforcement official at at California Fish and Game, it was made clear to me that the current brouhaha over ivory sales in California is the result of a botched enforcement raid by California Fish and Game on behalf of the Federal Fish and Wildlife agency. There is no *new* law on the books. Californial Penal Code 653o has been around for decades. Nothing has changed. More to follow in a subsequent blog.

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